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Last year, long-time Streeters member Carole Olenick put together a truly AWESOME cookbook containing over 440 recipes and tips & tricks!
It's the Friends, Family and Fun Cookbook, a 2 INCH THICK book jam packed with great recipes from family, friend and some generations old and simply delicious and fun to make!
This book has everything from appetizers, to snacks, "Fun Foods", entrees and of course desserts of all kinds! From simple to decadent and allllll good! There is something truly for everyone, as it not only makes a great read, but also a TERRIFIC GIFT!
With Mother's day only a couple months away, a gift as simple and from the heart as this, that contains so much enjoyment for the cook, the baker or the taster... You simply cannot go wrong!
It's a cook book, that you will always go back to and will always be close to you in the kitchen! Yes, it's THAT GOOD!
And perhaps the absolute best part? EVERY DIME, EVERY PENNY from the sale of each book... ALL goes to a great cause, the Richmond Township Senior Transportation. The money raised goes to fund the service and the vehicles/maintenance that give free rides to seniors that need a ride to go shopping, doctor visits and other locations necessary throughout McHenry County.
Here's the info to get your cook book!:
Call 815-675-6709, Carole Olenick, for information about the Friends, Family & Fun Cookbook.
Every penny raised is going to the Richmond Township Senior Transportation to help get seniors to doctors, dialysis and other needs for those that can't do it on their own.
There are over 440 recipes included and good tips for lots of things.
AND if you pay by check (Make it out to: R.T.S.T.) you can receive a receipt to use for a donation on your Taxes.
Carole Olenick
5023 Hampshire La
Johnsburg, Il 60051
Get yours today and do something good for yourself, perhaps your family, a friend... A perfect Gift! And do something that makes a difference!
Fellow Streeters member, Carole Olenick, has compiled a cookbook of over 400 recipes and tips & tricks. She is selling this book for $20 to help raise funds for transporting seniors in the McHenry County. This is a great cause as it helps our seniors get around to shopping, doctor visits, etc. If you are interested in some great recipes, give Carole a call.
We wish to thank ALL of the Streeters, family and friends that joined our group of 35 that made it out to our annual Chicago Wolves Game Streeters club outing! We had 34 of the 35 attendees all make it, and this time with some warmer and less torrential weather this time out. That being a snowstorm like we had last year.
We certainly need to thank Tim & Lela Wong for making the arrangements, setting everything up, mailing out the tickets and doing some running around to pick up the tickets and the Wolves jersey we gave away. Tim had done this for the club for over 10 years now and we always have a nice sized group out for a great time! So THANK you BOTH!
This year our seats were different. A bit higher up, but also centered right at the middle of the rink. We had a totally AWESOME view of the entire ice rink, with a nice view of all the action, close enough to see all the players well enough.
We did get another FREE Jersey this year, and as always we gave it away with a free raffle pull from all the tickets of our group. The lucky winner was Stephanie Pierson daughter of Bill and Sue, family friends member of Streeters members, Rick & Danette Lane. Congrats Stephanie! We hope to see you wearing it!
The evening started out for some of us at Portillo's in Roselle where we all enjoyed some great food before the game. From there the group headed the Allstate Arena where we met up with other members of the Streeters in our section, giving our hellos, handshakes, hugs, and getting seated for the game. The scoreboard once again announced the "Streeters" were in the house!
Sadly the Wolves lost... But if you are a Blackhawks fan, which many of us are, it was difficult to choose sides as they were playing the Rockford Icehogs, the "Farm team" of the Blackhawks; for which we got to see Brian Bickel play. It was a close game the entire duration, until the Wolves lost 4-3.

Just caught this pic posted on Facebook, but it's our very own Dan Field at the Superbowl with Game MVP Von Miller of the Champion Denver Broncos at Sunday evening's Super Bowl after the game.
I just thought I'd share the pic from Facebook. Way to go Dan!

Thanks to one of our "Eagle-Eyed" long-time club members, Rick Tomlinson... who spotted on the "Cars Time Forgot" car show website that the episode of "My Classic Car" (Airing on Velocity and MAVTV networks) that was filmed at last year's "Cars Time Forgot" car show in Delavan, WI. last year will air on Saturday, April 23rd. For specific times, check your local listings.
We had about 35 Streeters Rides there, most of them parked together that day while TV Show host, Dennis Gage walked around and rode around (On a Golf Cart) with camera crew in tow, talking to show patrons, shaking hands, doing interviews and basically meeting and greeting his fans of "My Classic Classic Car". Many of our club members got to meet Dennis, always a very approachable, cordial guy.
So stay tuned, mark your TV Calendars, as the episode featuring that car show will air on April 23rd.
A couple websites to check out!
Link to "Cars Time Forgot" car show
Link to Photobucket of pics from show (Streeters member Bob Weidman is featured here)

We are asking for your clean plastic bags to be crocheted into mats for the homeless. Lightweight, warm, easy to carry, and bugs don't like plastic.
They make a great mat to sleep on. Can be sprayed down clean with water and dry quickly. Please bring them to a car show or cruise night and let me know you will be there. I will pick them up. Large or small ones are fine. We could even get together and have a bag cutting night if anyone wants. If you separated the heavier plastic and thinner ones, and maybe even by color, it helps, but not necessary. We will take what we can get. It takes 500-700 to make a 3’x6' bed.
Thanks for your help.
Carole Olenick
Secretary of State will be featuring a red 1970 Dodge Challenger convertible on their special event license plates and they are now being offered to the public! Read More
Long-time Streeters member, Bill Foley had his gorgeous '66 Galaxie 500 featured on "My Car Story" with Lou Costabile recently. We've had many many Streeters Cars get their due of publicity, whether by press article, Television, Automotive event or whatever, and now we can chalk up one more Streeters car getting it's rightful place on the Streeters mantel.

My Car Story with Lou Costabile 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 7 Litre Hardtop

Join the "Orange Brigade" and get your "Streeters Swag" today!
If you don't have your "Streeters" Gear and are looking to get your Summer Apparel set for the Car Show Cruising Season, welllllllll here is the info you've been looking for!
Elite Embroidery in Antioch, IL. is our "Official" Club Store! Don and Diane Gall have been taking care of us for several years now, and they can get you what you need, and more specifically... What you WANT!
Streeters Green Street Car Show
ADDRESS! (Just a few doors down from their old location)
Elite Embroidery
919 Main Street
Antioch, IL.
Don & Diane Gall - (847) 395-5584

Wednesday evenings can only mean one thing - a group of local car people meet to eat, relax, chat and have fun at the Pizza House in Johnsburg. READ MORE

One of our club members, Bill Crittenden also took some great shots of nearly EVERY showcar at the Green St show ... View photos
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